Arvind Kejriwal Issues 1 Government Order

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Arvind Kejriwal Issues First Government Order from ED Custody In an unknown move, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has issued his first government order while in the guardianship of the Enforcement Directorate( ED) This remarkable event has sparked conversations across the nation, pressing the adaptability of the Chief Minister and his commitment to his duties

Arvind Kejriwal, aged 55, was arrested by the Enforcement Directorate

He issued his first order to the government while being locked up in the Enforcement Directorate’s guardianship The order was related to the Water Ministry and was transferred via note. This move has been seen as a testament to his fidelity to the people of Delhi, indeed in similar grueling circumstances The response The news of Kejriwal issuing a government order from guardianship has stirred colorful responses. The Water Minister was moved to gashes by the Chief Minister’s fidelity.

“How can a person- who has been arrested- suppose about the people of Delhi in such a delicate period? ” the minister said at a press conference The unborn The Aam Aadmi Party( AAP) has assured that Kejriwal will continue to serve as the Delhi Chief Minister despite his arrest. They’ve stated that if necessary, Kejriwal will run the government from jail.

This statement has raised questions about the practicality of such a script, given the restrictions on meetings for convicts Conclusion The event of a Chief Minister issuing a government order from guardianship is indeed extraordinary. It not only highlights the commitment of the individual to his duties but also raises questions about the functioning of a government under similar circumstances. As the situation unfolds, it’ll be intriguing to see how this impacts the political geography and governance in Delhi.