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The final results regarding the Central Panel in the JNU Jawaharlal Nehru University Scholars’ Union election have come out. Left’s Dhananjay won the post of President, he got an aggregate of 2598 votes. ABVP’s Umesh Chandra Ajmira stood alternate. Left’s Avijit Ghosh won the post of Vice President, he got 2409 votes. Deepika Sharma of ABVP stood alternate, she got 1482 votes. When the counting of votes started, there was a close contest between ABVP and Left. still, ABVP faced defeat in the final results.

Laal Salaam prevailed over everyone in JNU

 In the JNU Students Union election, the Left captured the posts of President and Vice President. Priyanshi Arya of Left-backed BAPSA won the General Secretary post, getting 2887 votes. Arjun Anand of ABVP was at second place, who got 1961 votes.

Left’s Mohd.Sajid won the post of Joint Secretary. He got 2574 votes. At alternate place was Govind Dangi of ABVP, who got 2066 votes. ABVP lagged behind after leading  When the counting of votes started in JNUSUelection, a close contest was seen between ABVP and Left parties. ABVP was leading in the original trends. still, latterly the contest sounded to be changing. ABVP failed to maintain its lead on seats. Left won the posts of President, Vice President, and Joint Secretary. This time 73 percent voting took place. 

JNU election

The nomination of the left candidate for the post of General Secretary was canceled. In such a situation, the Left supported the BAPSA  candidate, who also won.

This time, massive voting was seen in the JNU Students Union election held after about 4 years. Now left maintained its dominance This time 73 percent votes in the JNUStudents Union election. This figure is 5 percent further than last time. 

The JNU Students Union Election of 2024 has been a significant event, marked by a shift in the political landscape and intense competition among the candidates. The results of this election will undoubtedly have a profound impact on the student politics of JNU and potentially influence the broader political landscape of student unions across the country.

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